Consolidation software


I am looking for some software to consolidate a UK company together with foreign subsidiaries and joint ventures.  Each entity already has its own GL so I am anticipating exporting a trial balance from each entity in local currency and then to process consolidation journals and currency translations in the consolidation software to be able to procduce the consolidated accounts.  Main reason for looking to purchase software rather than use Excel is to provide a better audit trail over the process.  Main requirements are robust and cheap.

Can anyone suggest any packages?


  • I would be interested to know the views of anyone that has implemented either Hyperion or Cognos controller in the last couple of years.

    I am currently looking at both of these products with a view to installing one of them and any insights or advice would be very appreciated.

  • HI Phillip

    I am a Cognos Controller consultant and have implemented Controller recently. For most of 2007 and 2008, I worked as a Hyperion contractor using both Hyperion Enterprise and HFM. On a broad basis I am happy to advise you as to the pros and cons of each software. If you chose Cognos Controller, the firm I work for would be happy to be your implementation partner, but rest assured, I will try to give unbiased opinion whilst I am corresponding in my personal capacity.