Investment Ledger Software

Here's a query posted by Anthony Fawcett on the Institute's Talk Charity forum:

I am Treasurer of a charity which has about £23m under management. We have recently changed investment managers. The Excel spreadsheet system we use is not up to handling the volume of transactions executed by our new investment managers. We use Sage as our basic accounting package. Can anyone suggest a suitable Investment Ledger package to handle a portfolio of this size?

By way of starter, here's one I did earlier - a list of investment management systems that I put together a couple of years ago, and which I've just done a very quick scan through for changes of name, web address etc. Usual caveats apply: not claimed to be comprehensive, no ICAEW recommendation, very disparate range; but putting a list with contact information onto a single side of A4 may speed up the search process.

Maybe others here will be able to comment from personal experience of these or other programs.

  • @Jeff Thanks - you are included (bottom of the page) on the list I uploaded.
  • Many moons ago I worked for ISOKON (then Eleetix Software) who I know had an interest in investment management software. Not sure what they are up to now but you could try calling Gregory van Dyk Watson on 020 7485 9909 (please mention my name if you would).

    Ian Digby, Hampshire.


    I work as a business analyst for DST Global Solutions one of the companies mentioned in the list above.

    The product we have providing comprehensive investment accounting functionality is HiPortfolio/3. There is lots more information on HiPortfolio on our website or you are very welcome to contact us also via the website.