Adobe Reader installation on 64 bit

Adobe Reader does not want to install on my new 64 bit laptop running Win 8.1.  Anyone have any ideas?  AR runs perfectly on my desktop 64 bit running Win 7.
  • Adobe Reader X (version 10.1.10) working OK on my Windows 8.1 64 bit system. What error do you get? Don't forget sometimes it's good to right-click on the installer (rather than just double clicking) and choose "Install as Administrator". Good luck.
  • Thanks Hugh.  I've tried your suggestion but get the same as before: "installing Adobe Reader" percentage bar appears and stays on 0%.  Then a window appears "Adobe Reader installer not responding" sometimes going first though a "close now" option, and the whirly whirly symbol running.  Task manager can't close it and to get rid of the window i have to force shut down.  I've since installed Foxit as an alternative on a recommendation I received yesterday (at a dinner!) without any problem.
  • Bizarre (and curious). A successful outcome nonetheless so that is OK! 
  • Thanks Hugh for your interest and suggestions.  I have yet to try Foxit but an IT guy recommended it and the web site offers several softwares. Simon