Bookkeeping, accounting and payroll software for a coffee shop business

Can anyone recommend software for a coffee shop business?
 - initially expected to be one shop, but this could grow in future to a few shops
 - looks after bookkeeping and monthly accounts production
 - looks after payroll (for say 10 different employees per shop)
 - is accountant friendly, to keep my professional charges low (accountant yet to be appointed)
 - is simple to use, but offers useful features and reports
 - can link to till systems to import end of day (or live) sales.

I will also need to install a till system and I'd be grateful for any recommendations.

It is a new start-up business, so costs need to be kept down and controlled tightly.

Thanks in advance
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  • I have used Xero before at a small company that I worked for. I'm not an accountant and found it great for raising invoices, managing payments, etc. I’m not sure about their payroll though. Sage can be quite expensive and support is extra too. BrightPay handles payroll and everything for auto enrolment which you’ll need to think about soon. 

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