Accounting software for a small charity

On the Institute's 'Talk Charity' community, there's a new posting from someone looking for accounting software for a small charity. This would be a useful complement to our previous threads, on Good accounting software for medium-sized charity and Accounting software for large charities.

Much of the discussion on the 'medium-sized' thread is relevant, but if anyone would like to chip in further points/suggestions for small charities, that would be great.

  • I am researching multi-user accounting packages suitable for a charity with income of around £500k. This (currently) unincorporated charity runs core funded activity programmes and projects funded by designated and restricted donations, and can have a dozen or more of these on the go at any one time, serviced by some 15 full and part time staff. The accounting based on an old version of quickbooks, which will not run on MS Vista, and Excel speradsheets, is cumbersome and labour intensive. It urgently needs replacing, preferably with a system that supports both project based anaysis for monthly reports, and Charity Commission SORP annual accounting requirements. 

    I have come across Paxton Charities Accounting package which looks to tick all my boxes. They claim the approval of the Charities Commission for their built in SOFA and Balance Sheet. Does anyone have any experience of using this package or dealing with this organisation, favourable or otherwise please? 

  • The current version of Quick Books (2008) does work on Vista and also on Windows7 which also has the advantage that you could almost certainly run your old version of QB within a VirtualPC environment. See here for more information.
  • For a small charity:


    Data Developments Financial Controller (above) is the best for handling gift aid and interfacing with the Nominal Ledger and allocates between funds. The Nominal is a bit basic.


    Quick books is very good at keeping track of funds using the ‘Class’ facility.

  • Sorry for not offering you a choice! - but Quick Books has worked for me.
  • If you are looking for a straightforward integrated system built for and with charities' input, I recommend Donorflex at

    This is a company that has not diluted its offering and is totally committed to full support for its customer base - I consider that it is a company of integrity.