A New Generation of Trailblazers

We recently received the good news that the Government has approved our assessment plan and funding band for the new Level 7 Trailblazer. As of 1st November, employers have been able to offer this apprenticeship to both new and existing employees.

ICAEW’s Trailblazer apprenticeships offer a flexible route to becoming an ACA. The Level 4 Trailblazers are designed as entry-level roles in accountancy and have proved extremely popular.

The Trailblazer standards have been a very welcome development since 2016, allowing us to tailor our programmes to serve the accountancy sector and beyond.

We have spent a lot of time working with employers, tuition providers and professional bodies to design courses that will provide students with a wide range of professional development skills.

Widening Access

We continue to work hard to offer as many routes into our profession as possible.

The more points of entry there are to becoming a chartered accountant, the more diverse and representative our profession will become. So the fact that this will be available to all employers in England, whether they pay the apprenticeship levy or not, will make our profession a better place for all to be part of.

We also want to offer maximum flexibility to those already training, so some existing ACA trainees will be able to transfer to Level 7.

Continuous Professional Development

This will be an exciting new route for young people leaving school and graduating university. However, whilst we expect the graduate stream to remain our main entry route, it is important that we remember the opportunities these courses can also provide to professionals who may be looking to progress further in their careers.

The strong emphasis in our profession that learning and development continues after initial qualification, applies to many other practices too. We hope that the Level 7 opportunity will encourage more people to consider the merits of CPD, whatever their line of work.

The new Level 7 Trailblazer complements both our Level 4 Trailblazer and our BFP qualification launched in September, and will serve as a tool in equipping more people with the skills needed to help our economy thrive. This ultimately works towards our vision of a World of Strong Economies.