Brand New World

One of the greatest strengths of our profession is our recognition of the responsibility we hold to the global economy.

The current volatility and uncertainty in the world means there is a greater need for business to be prepared than perhaps ever before. In turn, there is a greater role for ICAEW Chartered Accountants than ever before.

We must therefore seek to promote ourselves to the public and to the widest possible community of business decision makers. We must also demonstrate our strong understanding of the modern economy and show that our chartered accountants are the strategic thinkers that will help others to thrive.

With all this in mind, today we launch our exciting new brand awareness campaign.

We are focusing on three timely topics, stemming from our three key themes of finance, technology and current affairs.

Financially, we want to promote the importance of planning for the future despite the uncertainty of Brexit

Technologically, we are highlighting the important debate around automation and taxation

Politically, we are using Budget month to illustrate our commitment to long-term economic planning, in contrast to the short-term decisions often taken by politicians.

Over the next six weeks, you will see our advertising across social media, digital displays and at key London train stations. We want to alert people to our expert insight into finance, technology and politics, and emphasise the relevance of these areas for everybody, both personally and professionally.

Our brand hub page contains a film detailing our brand story. We want to give everyone a deeper perspective on our topic areas, leading to decisions that are responsible and sustainable.

Our profession is a force for positive change, and will help to achieve the stability and security the world needs. I look forward to engaging others with our vision of a World of Strong Economies.

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