Connecting Communities Against Cybercrime

Our world is getting smaller, and technology is becoming more pervasive. This brings benefits and opportunities, but also challenges and threats, including cybercrime.

Boardrooms across the world are rightly highly concerned about the risk of cybercrime, as well as the resulting pressure on businesses to improve their security practices.

Threats can emerge from a huge number of sources, both internally and externally, and whilst more people have become better informed on the subject in recent years, many are still struggling to understand what it means for them and whether they are doing enough to manage and prepare for it.

The environment is constantly changing, and attacks are increasing in both frequency and complexity. It’s therefore important that businesses are constantly building intelligence and sharing ideas about new innovations and solutions.

In this sense, cybersecurity is as much a way of thinking, and an organisational culture, as it is about implementing effective defences.

A New Space

With all this in mind, we’re launching a new online “safe space” for ICAEW members to disclose cyber-attacks and discuss cybersecurity issues. This will take the form of a new e-community, and is being launched in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It aims to provide members with the opportunity to share their experiences securely and confidentially, without compromising business reputation.

Understandably, companies have previously been reluctant to share their concerns or experiences, but the harsh reality is that we are all at risk. We can reduce that risk by collaborating in a secure and trustworthy environment. At the heart of this is an opportunity for us all to learn from each other and keep our organisations safe.


We’re the first accountancy membership body to launch our own group with the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP), but I hope others will follow suit.

The new safe space will launch on 12th June; it will be open to all ICAEW members and membership firms, and users will be able to post anonymously should they wish. Please note that your organisation will need to join CiSP before applying to join this new community.

I highly recommend members take time to consider their cybersecurity position, and to use this new space to help protect both themselves and others.