Finance in a Digital World

Many members will know that we’ve recently placed a significant focus on technological change and its impact on the profession. Digital disruption is already transforming the way finance is able to serve businesses and their clients.

We know that businesses can struggle to keep up with the pace of change, not least due to the knowledge gap in their workforce.

ICAEW has partnered with Deloitte to develop a new initiative – ‘Finance in a Digital World’ – an online learning experience designed to help members and other finance professionals understand and navigate the changes, wherever they are in their career.

Closing the Digital Knowledge Gap

The aim of this project is to increase awareness and understanding of the impact that digital is having, and will continue to have, on finance. This is part of a longer-term ambition to increase the so-called ‘digital maturity’ of our profession – to be better-equipped with the necessary skills to succeed and thrive in a new digital world.

The initiative can help you in a number of ways. It allows you to explore digital trends and technologies, teaches you about their applications and benefits for finance, and articulates how the role of finance is changing and what the future of work will look like.

Through our 'Finance in a Digital World' portal, you can access the various learning modules, which include e-learning, animations, case studies, webinars and interactive exercises.

Delivering Results

I highly recommend members take advantage of this extensive resource.

It will enable users to better articulate the value of digital technologies to their organisation and help strengthen digital fluency, to support the transformational change which has already begun. Learning how the roles, skills and capabilities of finance are changing will also help you become better-placed to identify and face the challenges and opportunities posed by digital innovations.