From Digital Disruption to Digital Readiness

There is no doubt that our economy and our society are being digitally disrupted. That is, our expectations, behaviours and processes are being transformed by emerging digital technologies.

This has huge implications for our profession, and thus for the role of chartered accountants in both business and practice.

There’s a wide array of technological innovations taking place. At ICAEW, we place a heavy focus on the “ABCD” technology trends – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber and Data – because they are the most transformational for our profession, challenging some of the fundamental assumptions which underpin our role.

It’s crucial for our profession and those that we serve, that we fully embrace these changes, adapting our skills where necessary, delivering more value to businesses and moving chartered accountants up the value chain. For us at ICAEW, this means supporting our members through their digital journey.

On Tuesday 15th May we’ll be holding a virtual conference, “From digital disruption to digital readiness”, which will explore the challenges and opportunities of these digital transformations, for our profession. It will offer a range of webinars on key issues, the chance to connect with experts  to discuss solutions, and opportunities to network with other delegates, as well as a range of additional content to complement the conference programme.

This is set to be one of our largest, most comprehensive and most popular events to date, with over 1,200 delegates already signed up. It’s completely free of charge, and I highly encourage all members to consider registering.

I hope delegates will gain a deep insight into the various aspects of digital disruption, and access opportunities to develop skills and readiness for implementing digital technologies.

This conference is the first in our series of “Finance in a Digital World” initiatives, which will address the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation brings to the finance profession.