Introducing our Academia & Education Community and Corporate Governance Group

As part of our vision of a world of strong economies, ICAEW seeks to nurture communities of professionals whose initiative and integrity help economies thrive. Our members are part of a global network of over 147,000 ICAEW Chartered Accountants. We want all our members to be able to make the most of this network, and to feel included in ICAEW’s activities wherever they are in the world.

That is why I am delighted to announce the launch of two new communities: the Academia & Education Community and the Corporate Governance Group. These communities will enable members to connect with other professionals who share their interests.

The Academia & Education Community

The Academia & Education Community is an online platform where members and non-members working in or interested in academia can connect and share insight around current issues and future challenges facing accountancy education, qualification, lifelong learning (CPD) and research.

I hope that this community will help build the relationship between business and academia so that we can ensure students are equipped with the skills they will need as future professionals.

With so many challenges and opportunities facing our profession, this community will facilitate discussion around how teaching methods and materials ought to adapt, and allow members to share ideas and materials among themselves.

The Corporate Governance Group

On 1 January, we transitioned our existing Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) Group into a new Corporate Governance Group. The new group has a broader agenda for executives and aspiring board members but will continue to meet the needs of existing and aspiring non-executive directors.

The group will enable members to stay up to date with the latest news and developments in corporate governance through events, webinars, newsletters and information available on the website. Group members also receive a reduced rate on all ICAEW Academy CPD courses, including a specialist NED training course. Please book your place if you would like to attend the launch event, which is being held at Chartered Accountants’ Hall on 20 June.

Our aim with these communities is to promote closer relations and collaboration between members and professionals with similar interests or within similar areas of work. I encourage you to make the most of them, and to keep an eye out for new communities being launched over the coming months and years.