Introducing our new brand

I am delighted to announce that after much planning and preparation, ICAEW is today launching its new brand. The goal is for our new look to differentiate us from others in an increasingly crowded marketplace and ensure that we stand out clearly.

The world has changed a lot since our last brand update 12 years ago, and so have we. We have gone from being a UK body to becoming a more international organisation, with a growing membership, working in 154 countries, and increasingly global student base. It can also be seen through our strong relationships with professional bodies, regulators and governments around the world.

Our brand – our image, what we stand for and how we communicate – needs to reflect that we are an international, forward-thinking organisation. It is therefore evolving to support our strategy and ensure that we remain modern and relevant to our many audiences around the world. Our new vision – a world of strong economies – also puts our international work at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you are an ICAEW member, member firm, partner in learning or authorised training employer, you are part of our new identity and we have developed a logo for you to use as part of your marketing, both online and in print. Not only does it associate you with ICAEW and all that we as a profession stand for, it means that you play an integral part in promoting and extending the reach of our brand. You can find the new logos here, along with guidelines on how to use them.

I’d love to hear what you think of our new brand and what else you think we could be doing to promote it.