Marketing your services: Are you covering the basics?

It may sound obvious, but we find a surprising number of firms do not publicise the probate and estate administration services they provide on their websites. We strongly recommend separating out these services to help increase awareness that you can help with probate.

Other tips for publicising your probate services include: 

  • Write to your existing clients and let them know you are now offering this new service.
  • Mention probate services on your business cards and hand them out to your existing clients as well as potential new ones.
  • Update your email signature to list probate as a service and/or to include the ICAEW probate accredited logo.
  • Advertise locally and specifically to highlight your probate and estate administration services.
  • Use soft marketing.
  • Explain how the probate process works on your website and in your literature. It may well be a new experience for your clients.
  • Include useful information on your website such as your pricing structure, a glossary of key terms and a list of items your clients may need to bring to a first meeting.
  • Build trust – use the ICAEW probate accredited logo on your letterhead and website to reassure your clients that you are properly regulated for this service.
  • Link the ICAEW probate logo through to our consumer-focused pages. Alternatively, use this web content in conjunction with our Best Practice Guide to Price and Service Transparency to help you build the probate area of your website.
  • Ask clients for feedback on the information you provided. How did they find out that you can help with probate, did they find anything unclear or particularly useful?