Can a Labour government balance the books?

In its last manifesto, the Labour Party pledged to bring the water, rail and energy sectors back into public ownership, while introducing a Fiscal Credibility Rule. But is it possible to do both and ensure the economic future of the UK?

I am delighted to being involved in a joint ICAEW and Fabian Society project to explore the tough spending choices that would face a Labour government.

Throughout June and July 2018, ICAEW and the Fabian Society will be assessing how Labour can realise aspirations of its 2017 manifesto, in the context of a sound financial stewardship of the UK's economy.

We are doing this as a series of discussions with supporting essays.  The first Fabian Society essay by Andrew Harrop and my response to it are now on-line.  Follow the link if you would like to know more.

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