Challenge mindsets with our new in-house training resource: False Assurance with incorporated commentary

Our first training film, False Assurance® is now available with incorporated commentary – this bespoke version of the film enables a small group of accountants or individuals to simulate the thought-provoking discussions generated at larger facilitated events.

False Assurance is already licensed for use by the UK's leading accountancy firms, banks, UK / US / Australian universities and has been shown at events around the world. Here is some of the feedback we have received:

‘The film and subsequent discussions are a very effective way of getting people to think about what happens when things go wrong with a client or on an audit.’

 ‘False Assurance is some of the strongest training material I’ve ever used, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback to. Its effectiveness comes from seeking to challenge behaviours and mindsets, and to focus on the need for scepticism, rather than just to impart technical information.’ 

A licence for False Assurance, the commentary version, will give your organisation:

  • Use of False Assurance for three years for the purpose of training partners, directors and staff.
  • Training materials comprising of questions to prompt discussion and a guide to the characters in the film.

To view the trailer and for more information, visit

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