Chartered accountant campaign

ICAEW is launching a campaign to promote the value of ICAEW Chartered Accountants to businesses. The premise of the campaign is to encourage them to choose a qualified ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

Here is one of the advertisements which will be placed across a number of national newspapers from 13 November.

Many practitioners have been complaining for years about competition from unregulated unqualified accountants who unlike us bear none of the costs of regulation. This initiative is therefore very welcome and represents the start of a process that will ensure that the business community is aware of the advantages of using a qualified accountant. The process aims to link businesses to firms via the Find a Chartered Accountant section of our web site.

Practice Committee have been involved in the development of this campaign from the start. Our priorities were to concentrate on getting the message across to sub £5.0 million turnover businesses with an emphasis on our status as trusted adviser.

Radio and newspaper advertising will commence in earnest next month and we will be publishing full details of where you can find them.

Views very welcome.