Corporate Governance Thought Leadership: Connect and reflect

Not a day goes by without a media headline to do with corporate governance. Journalists know that there is overwhelming interest in how much top executives get paid, and recent high-profile scandals have added to the public's interest in how big business operates.

At the same time businesses provide essential jobs and services, and business leaders must manage a wide range of competing priorities. No wonder getting it right can seem an overwhelming and impossible task, but the stakes are high. The UK has historically led the way on corporate governance and we don't want that to change.

This is the background to ICAEW's new series of thought leadership papers, Connect and reflect.

We will be examining the most difficult issues facing businesses today. Our goal is to develop practical solutions which are credible for both businesses and society.

Connect and reflect will cover social media, whistleblowing, employee directors, executive pay and how companies can assess whether they are getting it right. If you have been affected by these issues, or if you hold strong views, then please let us know - we are particularly interested in best practice and real-life case studies.

We've open a forum for each of these five key areas where we encourage you to offer your views and interact with those of others.

Here are the five forums:

How to end excessive pay?

Can governance be marked out of 10?

How do employee directors add value?

How does whistleblowing help companies?

How can companies thrive on social media?

  • Claimants with less than two years service can exploit the existing whistleblowing legislation, often cynically, to create Employment Tribunal claims which they would not otherwise have jurisdiction to bring. This remains an important issue which needs addressing - in some cases it can bring the legislation into disrepute.