Digital Identity - Have your Say

On 19th July 2019 the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in conjunction with the Cabinet Office launched a Call of Evidence on how best to set up digital identity system that will match the needs of the UK’s digital economy but without the need for identity cards.  

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The government believes there ia need for a way to for all to prove their identity in a way that is simple, private and secure. The government is also particularly concerned that some people find it very difficult to prove their identity (‘thin file’ individuals) and in many circumstances the documentation used to prove identity provides more detail than is necessary. For example to prove your age when buying alcohol a driving licence is typically used but this will have your full name, and address which are not necessary to prove you are over 18.  


The  government says it welcomes written responses to this call for evidence from all interested parties, including citizens and businesses, as well as organisations who anticipate being a consumer or creator of digital identity tools or services, and those focused on protecting civil liberties. As ICAEW  members ( and their clients) have to prove the identity of their clients, we would be grateful for  your views on the matter so we can include them in our response to the Call for Evidence.

Please email - by 13/9/19