Finance in a Digital World E-Learning

Introducing the new eLearning experience supporting digital transformation. Exclusive to ICAEW members.

We have partnered with Deloitte to develop Finance in a Digital World, a suite of online learning modules, to support ICAEW members increase awareness and build understanding of digital technologies and their impact on finance. Through eLearning, videos, animations, use cases and interactive exercises, we explore the technologies that are transforming the profession, whilst understanding their applications and benefits and to determine how the role and skills of finance are changing.

Knowledge is power

Preparing yourself and your organisation for the impact of digital disruption might feel like a daunting task. The first step to embracing digital is to understand the digital revolution and what it means for finance functions and for you. Finance in a Digital World will cover how digital influences our personal, professional and social lives, whilst also exploring how it is fundamentally changing Business, Economies, Societies and Finance. Find out what how new digital technologies are being used within Finance.

The role of finance is changing

Digital technologies are set to have a revolutionary impact on the work of accountants and are already transforming the way finance operates. The Impact module in our e-learning experience is designed to help you understand how finance functions will change, the skills that will be needed and the role you will play. Explore all modules.

Disruption is the new normal

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics and predictive analytics are transforming the finance and accounting profession. These disruptive technologies bring with them both challenges and opportunities for Finance. Technologies such as Robotics and AI are increasingly being used to drive efficiencies by automating finance processes and reporting routines. With operations automated, Finance will increasingly focus on advanced analytics techniques,  influencing the business through forward looking insights that predict business opportunities and risks. Start your learning journey today.

Learning modules will cover:

  • Digital Era: Identify what digital means and how it relates to finance.
  • Disrupters: Discover the benefits of digital technologies disrupting finance.
  • Impact: Understand the future skills required and the role you will play.
  • Embracing Digital: Learn how to successfully embed digital transformation.

Upon completion of each module you will be awarded a CPD certificate.

Explore the topics you're interested in at a time and pace that suits you. Visit for more information.

Finance in a Digital World is also available to purchase on an enterprise level, so that your entire finance function can benefit from it. For more information contact

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