ICAEW’s 2017 Council Conference

Last week’s Council Conference was very productive and forward-looking, with two days of discussions around key topics to the profession including ethics, the public interest and the changing technological landscape.

Conversations held over the course of the two days revolved around CFAB and our wider learning offering, SIGs and faculties, district societies and governance. Each of these areas related to at least one of our strategic objectives to achieve our vision of a world of strong economies: the future professional, connected communities and the agile institute. The discussions and debates held around these themes will play an important part in shaping the direction of our strategy over the coming years.

I was particularly pleased that, although often not explicitly in the terms of all the discussions, many conversations referenced a world of strong economies. It is great to see our vision come to life in this way and that members are so keen to embed it into our activities. I was also delighted that many of the conversations made direct reference to diversity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the summer we will start our operational planning process. The planning work will take on board Council’s insight and other factors to write a plan we can resource and deliver to keep moving forward. Where there is a clear direction in the insight from Council, we will look to progress it in an appropriate way. This would be via a working party or doing something differently in our operations.

I’d like to thank everyone who attended this year’s conference and contributed to the discussions. I now look forward to working with many of you as we take this work forward.

  • Hi Nick

    It was a good conference and we now need to turn disucussions to action.

    Thanks for udating our communities members. How about updting members generally and engaging with our communities and membership asking them for their views too.

    However we all know that the D Soc's generally would like guidance about the way forward urgently and we had a very god debate however the initial outcome is yet another committee following on from Rob Milea's and Project Clementine. Surely by now we know the purpose of D Soc's is to engage, network, help, assist and work with the needs of our local UK and International members whether in business or practice,  other sources of work and politics or retired.

  • Long live the SDGs. Good to keep them front of mind and to see Nick's passion for making our profession stronger through diversity.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 months ago

    It was good to see Council working so well together on such important areas. I look forward to the translation into an operational plan.