ICO launches Your Data Matters Pledge


Time to take the data pledge 

Trust is at the very heart of the accountancy profession. It is something every ICAEW member practices every day.  

It is often said that trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. In the data driven internet age it has never been truer. Just ask some of the major companies that have suffered major data breaches. Members work hard to build trust with their clients. But how can you show that you are committed to placing data protection and confidentially at the centre of everything that you do? Establishing trust with a new client is particularly important.  

Recently the ICO launched a way to help demonstrate your commitment to data protection and privacy. 

The ICO has opened a public register for organisations wanting to pledge their support for their customers or service user’s data rights. 

Organisations that sign the public register gain access to an exclusive banner for use on their communications materials. This helps demonstrate their support for people’s data rights and carries the ICO logo 

Jane Berney FCA, a manager in business law at ICAEW, added “The GDPR obliges organisations to demonstrate that they will use the personal data of individuals in an appropriate way and hold it securely. If they don’t they could be liable to very large fines or sanctions but there is also a risk that if customers, clients or employees do not trust them they may well vote with their feet. 

You can find out more about the ICO Your Data Matters pledge here. 

Please do read the terms and conditions and sign up. 

Do you plan to sign the ICO pledge? Let us know why or why not.