Meet your Business & Industrial Strategy team

ICAEW’s new Business & Industrial Strategy team has been established to ensure that the knowledge, expertise and insight of ICAEW members in business are heard.

There are more than over 60,000 of our members working in and running businesses of all sizes and in all sectors throughout the UK, around 14,000 of which are in London. ICAEW can play a unique and important role in ensuring that these members’ insights are harnessed to help shape and improve business policy at all levels. It can also provide relevant and interesting services and products for ICAEW members.

The team concentrates on three distinct but closely related areas: business strategy, regional industrial strategy and board effectiveness. Working closely with ICAEW colleagues across the country, the team want to harness the expertise of members to better inform key players on the issues impacting businesses, sectors and regions.

Work has begun on a variety of consultations, looking at member views on issues such as the Brydon review into the future of audit, and decarbonisation of the UK economy.

We hope you will take the opportunity to engage with us, through the ecosystem ICAEW has built with Regions, Communities, Faculties and the Business & Industrial Strategy team to inform us on important issues such as skills, audit and corporate governance. Your views and experiences are invaluable to us, and we are in an exceptional position to use them to make a difference for our members and the good of the economy.

The team:

Iain Wright: Director for Business and Industrial Strategy

Rachel Underhill: Manager for Business Strategy

Julia Root-Gutteridge: Manager for Board Effectiveness

Rosalia Wood: Manager for Regional Industrial Strategy

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