upgrade to ICAEW Community platform

This evening we completed a major update to the ICAEW Communities platform. As the project owner I’ve helped oversee this work which has brought in colleagues from across the Institute. All of our efforts have been focussed on improving the quality of our user’s experience, the following list summarizes the most significant of those changes:

New brand. The new ICAEW brand is now reflected across the entire community platform.

Software update. We’ve upgraded to Telligent v10.1, with new features such as the Featured Content Carousel, a new look for blogs and new up-voting functionality in the forums.

Improved use of imagery. Every community now has its own carousel (previously just the homepage) which allow us to use high quality images throughout the site.

Topics. Giving more familiar and relevant labels for the content.

New ‘Announcements’ section. Where you will find news from across accountancy, business and finance.

‘Forums’ renamed ‘Discussions’. Where our members, students and other users can converse and connect in a safe and secure environment.

Ongoing testing. If you’d like to take part in user research please send me a private message.

Please login and let me know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

Thank you,


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