If you’re a regular user of ION you may have already noticed something different about the site today: more stories, a refreshed look, clearer navigation and a new search function. We hope your first impressions are favourable. If you are visiting us for the first time, we hope you like what you see.

For the benefit of newcomers, our mission is simple. We’re here to provide an environment in which our members, students, faculties and other key personnel, as well as the general public, can share and discuss news, insight and opinion from across accountancy, finance and business.

But this is just the start. We want this new platform to suit you the users and reflect your needs in an ever-changing world. As such we have a programme of development over the next 12 month which places you at the heart of it – both in the build and final design. We’re very excited about building a best in class online network and welcome your feedback at every step.

More on this later. For the time being we hope you enjoy the experience.

  • @Peter: the templates we've gone with in this first iteration were based on how much they were utilised by our users. Regarding the MTD content please check your preference centre settings as it featured heavily in Taxwire. Also, you can search for this using the search bar above, which is a new bit of functionality designed to help members who can't otherwise find the content they want, like using Google.

  • @Peter: ION in it's previous form was established in 2008. Since then the systems that have grown up around it, not least the internet itself, have outgrown the technology. As such was not unnecessary, but an operational necessity.

    We've only migrated across content that's been looked at at least once in the last two years with around 90% of the comments from these blogs and forums already with them, we're working on the last remaining few comments now as well as a few other bugs within the system from going live on Monday.

    There have been quite a few posts on the 'Making Tax Digital' issue since Monday, you can find these by using the search bar above to find any content across the whole of the Communities site - one of the new functions not available unless we'd upgraded.

    Now that we're on a new platform, the next stage of ION's development is where we'll be coming to our members and students to find what you want this to be in the future - I hope we can call on you for that soon.