exemptions from acca

what exemptions do i get from ACCA if i have done BS in accounting and finance or BSc in accounting and finance??
  • Huzaify

    Take a look at our FAQs section which covers the most commonly asked questions on exemptions

    You should check the online credit for prior learning directory. This gives you an instant view of which degrees, qualifications, universities and other institutions are eligible for which credits.

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  • Hi Irfan

    There is already another very popular post here about Exemption for ACCA where you may find useful.  Please look read through that posts as it may answer any other questions you may have.

    Regarding your questions are exemption you can use the CPL directory on the ICAEW website, just enter your professional body or your qualification and it will show you the exemptions for ICAEW.

    Hope the above help.


  • Hi Ahmed

    Before I can answer you answer, I need to know which country you are from and if you are a member of any other professional body (other than ACCA) eg, ICAP, ICAB etc.

    Most ACCA students and affiliates from ACCA are required to pay CPL fee for any exam exemptions they are cliaming at ACA, however, some students from some countries will not be charged (based on agreemnets with the local body).

    Please let me knnow and then I can let you know if fees apply to you etc.

    Thanks - Suzanne

  • Hi Ahmed

    In your case, as an ACCA student in Pakistan you currently do NOT have to pay for CPL (exemptions) on the relevant exams. This offer is currently due to expire on 30 September 2012. To benefit from this, you will need to register as an ACA student before that deadline and start your ACA studies.

    See more on the ACA in Pakistan web pages.

  • Hi Essop

    Sorry for delay in getting back, but I am not the CPL expert so have had to ask others. Here is what they say for you:


    If you are an ACCA student/affiliate then you can apply for credits using the cost reduction application form downloadable from the web. Credit will be awarded on the basis of papers taken and passed with the ACCA. Read more and access the form here


    If you are an ACCA member then you can apply online for all 12 ACA Professional Stage credits regardless of ACCA papers taken and passed. The (current) cost here will be £900 and proof of membership is all we will need. More information and to apply online please go to www.icaew.com/cpl