exemptions from acca

what exemptions do i get from ACCA if i have done BS in accounting and finance or BSc in accounting and finance??
  • Hi Essop

    Sorry for delay in getting back, but I am not the CPL expert so have had to ask others. Here is what they say for you:


    If you are an ACCA student/affiliate then you can apply for credits using the cost reduction application form downloadable from the web. Credit will be awarded on the basis of papers taken and passed with the ACCA. Read more and access the form here


    If you are an ACCA member then you can apply online for all 12 ACA Professional Stage credits regardless of ACCA papers taken and passed. The (current) cost here will be £900 and proof of membership is all we will need. More information and to apply online please go to www.icaew.com/cpl




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