Difference Between Part Time and Full Time MBA

Most students who pursue an MBA degree do their Bachelors in Business Administration first as a pre-requisite and then advance to an MBA degree. Many people have under graduate business degrees although it is not necessary to pursue an MBA degree.

MBA Basics:
MBA is offered in both the traditional mode of education and in the online mode and can be completed through full time or part time opportunities. People who are interested in careers of business administration and management are the ones who choose MBA as a degree. The good thing about doing an MBA is that it offers a broad range of disciplines to major in like finance, marketing and business management.

Full Time MBA: Most MBA programs usually take two years to finish. Students who enter into full time MBA programs in Dubai have to work in teams and have to collaborate on projects. A student has to take regular classes which might consist of around 12 to 15 credits per semester. Research has shown that only about 20% of students who are studying MBA do it full time. This means that many students who come to get an MBA degree are usually the ones who have careers.

Part Time MBA: There has been a marked increase in part time programs of MBA as more and more people come to school to get MBA degrees. More than half of students enrolled in MBA do it part time. MBAs that enroll in full time options have to take classes the entire day for several days a week. Part time is a slower form of MBA and it takes a long time to complete. However there are some part time programs which allow students to enroll in summer and winter breaks to expedite their degree.

 Other Considerations: It has been seen that part time MBA in Dubai give a quicker return of investment. As many of the MBA students are pursuing MBA degrees to have a growth in their careers, this means they also hope to get a degree quickly.


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