Can someone please explain to me the fundamental differences between the two as I am at a loss.

I need to decide which to go for. 

  • Hi Tamsanqa

    As promised, here is my colleagues' answer on how study materials etc differ between ACA and ACCA as per your question.


    The study materials for the ACA are extensively reviewed and approved by the examiners, ensuring that they include all examinable topics and are in line with the level of difficulty and style of the real exams. This means the tutors can be confident that the real exams will fully reflect the materials. This differs from the ACCA in that they have many different varieties of materials, all published by different publishers.


    In terms of tuition, there is little difference in the study methods available through tuition providers registered with our Partner in Learning scheme (link to Study methods available include various forms of classroom tuition, with block release, residential and evening/weekend courses available; distance learning and online learning.

    Hope this helps - Suzanne


  • Hi Ali

    Try using the Credit for prior learning directory, all you have to do it put in your academic qualifications you have or your professional body and it will show you the exemptions that you are eligible for.

    If you don't have any luck with that try contacting your student support team

    T: +44 (0)1908 248 250

    Hope the above helps.


  • I am an ACCA affiliate and I am agreed with you that ACA is abit higher than ACCA that's why I am thinking about doing ACA now. But the biggest problem that I am facing is that I cant find any training agreement. Traning is an important part of membership so that means if I register now and pass my two TI exams, I will have to wait for ages to do my Case study specially because your registered employers are not ready to accept trainees who are members of other professional bodies. I have sent many applications to request a trainee position to most of the registered recruiters on ICAEW website but I am really dissapplointed with the responce from all of them. The main reason being , an affiliate of ACCA. You are promoting ACA and inviting people to join more and more but could you please consider this issue aswell. Because I am really confused at this stage. I am wondering, if I should register as independent student and complete 2 TI exams and then keep waiting till I find an employer, or shall  I just keep looking for an employer who will offer me training ( that sounds very unlikely though).

    Any ideas??


  • Hi there

    I hope you can see some of the differences between ACA and ACCA explained in these blog comments, however if you want to see exactly what you will cover at each subject and what you have to do for each qualification, then look here.

    I hope this helps.


  • My name is khizar, I just want to know about exemptions available in ICAP after i complete my ICAEW exams, and whether there is any scope of ICAEW in pakistan......