Companies House - Filing Anomalies

I have notice with amazing regularity that Companies House are converting compliant Accounts submissions to their own erroneous format. This is most noticeable for SMEs where Co House have manipulated the data supplied in abbreivated accounts, whereby they draw a double line at 'Total Assets less Current Liabilities' leaving Creditors due after one year adrift and Total Net Assets without any double line total at all. The effect of this could be misleading to the untrained eye and could prove costly where investment or credit worthiness decisions are being made.

I initially pointed this out (submitting several examples) and finally got diverted to their Technical Offences team, whose Manager, Mark Youde, now responds (13/06/11):

'I assure you that there is not a single or group of accountants that are supplying invalid or incorrect accounting format to this office. The accounts ...were delivered to this office by 'X' company using the electronic template set up by this office for submitting small company accounts. Unfortunately, the accounting data delivered to this office, has not then been presented in a correct format by Co House on the image available to searchers of our records, for which we apologise and for which we have asked out IT Dept to review.

I can assure you that the data as submitted was compliant..., it was only in the presentation of that data by this office, that the apparent defects were created.'

Hopefully they will now put their 'House' in order and we can be assured that submitted accounts look exactly the same using the electronic template for viewing purposes.

Anyone else experienced this?

Graham Clarke FCA