How do employee directors add value?

We want to collate views and experiences about workers on boards, and gain a deeper understanding of both the value and risks of making such a radical change to the composition of boards. 

If employees really are a company's best asset then they should have a major contribution to make in the boardroom.  Many other countries reserve a board position for a worker, so what's different about the UK?  We are particularly interested in hearing from board members, and from workers who would be willing to sit on the board of their organisation if given the chance.  Would worker directors inspire a culture change at the top of British business , or is there a real risk that they would delay decision-making or cripple discussions? Please tell us your views on: selection and election procedures; what it means to be a representative on a board; and how employee involvement affects confidentiality, board effectiveness and decision-making.

  • Why weren’t the problems at Ryanair predicted much sooner? Competent management teams understand the implications of changing the holiday year. If pilot resignations were another factor then Ryanair needs to prepare for more of the same. The morale of all the staff, especially those on the frontline dealing directly with customers, must be at an all-time low.

    There is a clear trend for airlines to get into the headlines for all the wrong reasons, the question is why they are getting it so wrong and what can be done about it.  Perhaps it is time to put employees at the heart of the decision-making at these companies.

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