Can governance be marked out of 10?

Unfortunately the decision that governance is bad only seems to occur after a scandal, but good governance should prevent scandals from occurring in the first place.  Do you think good governance can or should be measured periodically, as part of an organisational health check? What are the right metrics? What are the advantages and disadvantages of publishing the results? 

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  • The Select Committee said that rigorous transparent rating exercises should become an integral part of the business landscape. Scoring the FTSE 350 as red, amber or green may make corporate governance easier to understand and reduce the perception that the governance rules can only ever be fully understood by specialists. On the other hand, simplistic traffic light scores which relate to overall performance could mask real problems in specific areas, and therefore pose risks for those who decide the score (FRC) and those who rely on it (investors). Can governance and culture be reflected in any 'at a glance' approach, or are somethings just too difficult to measure?
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