Can governance be marked out of 10?

Unfortunately the decision that governance is bad only seems to occur after a scandal, but good governance should prevent scandals from occurring in the first place.  Do you think good governance can or should be measured periodically, as part of an organisational health check? What are the right metrics? What are the advantages and disadvantages of publishing the results? 

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  • A recent report suggests that it is possible for organisations to measure the effectiveness of their whistleblowing procedures by comparing their performance with regional benchmarks. However, I think that comparing the volumes of whistleblows is too simplistic. It’s too easy to argue that a high number of whistleblows is good sign because it shows that employees know how to make reports, and it’s also too easy to argue that a high number of whistleblows is a bad sign because it means that there are serious flaws in the organisation which need to be reported. Comparing case closure (investigation) times or the percentage of reports which are made anonymously may be a better approach.