How to Build a Dependable Financial Safety

I’m a-35-years-old manager who works at one large trading company. There are many issues that trouble me. However, the matter of financial stability is one of the most important and urgent. In order to earn more, I also work at GradeScout because I’m pretty good at writing essays of various kinds.

I’m greatly worried about my future. I suppose all of us does bother about his/her future. Of course, one can never reach stability without a fine income. Nevertheless, life is a way too complicated and brings some unexpected events, which may make everything a mess. I fear that I may lose my money. Therefore, I ask for a piece of advice in this matter.

Of course, I’ve done some research of my own. There are multiple ways to earn money and secure it. For instance, I have a day-to-day control of my budget. Previously, I did not care how much I spend and for what purpose. Now, I have a firm and constant account of all my earnings and spending.

I have also found out that it is necessary to choose a definite financial plan to meet all of my goals. It is supposed to be some long-termed investment of something of the kind. This is the point! I’m not sure what plan to choose and what strategy to follow.

There are too many issues to consider. Probably, I should create a financial safety net. I know that it is necessary to begin with an emergency fund, which can provide me with some money support in the case I go through some “rainy days”.

It is likewise important to consider long-term disability insurance if I fall sick or get injured. This sounds quite reasonable. The same goes for life insurance and similar things.

I got lost amongst this all. I’m afraid to be mistaken. Can anyone help me with this essential issue?