PwC announces a 13.7% mean gender pay gap

PwC has now published its gender pay gap analysis for 2017 in accordance with the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations. Although the mean gender pay gap for 2017 has narrowed since 2016 (down from15.2%) there is still a big gap when it comes to bonuses - 37.5% - and seniority - men account for 61.4% of roles in the top quartile whilst women account for 52.5% in the lower quartile.  There is one glimmer of hope for the future - the mean pay gap is only 2.9% for men and women on the same grade level.

PwC's figures appear to be in line with other organizations that have now reported their pay gaps  and so it would appear that the accountancy profession is as bad or as good (depending on your viewpoint) as the rest .  The question is - should we just shrug our shoulders and hope for improvement or should we take action now?

What do you think? Are there accountancy firms out there who are making a difference and if so how? We'd love to hear your views on this, even if you think there is little that can be done as that's the way the business world works!