Creating a strong and connected community in South-East Asia

At a recent ICAEW event I was delighted to have a member from the Banking Sector approach me and offer to run a session on FinTech and block chain to help members better understand a fast changing environment. In the past other members have given talks on a wide range of topics such as IFRS, Leadership, Six Sigma and even the dangers of playing bridge in Thailand.

Volunteering to share one’s knowledge and expertise is, I believe, second nature to our members engendered both from the learning environment that we enjoyed whilst training as well as from the recognition of our role to act in the public interest. We are seeing more and more new entrants into ICAEW in the region, with several hundred having come into membership in Malaysia since we launched the regional office; Singapore student numbers growing rapidly with the latest initiative with SMU; the first ACA exam completed students expected in Vietnam in 2019; and ICAEW BFP holders expected in Indonesia in 2018. These Future Professionals are starting a journey throughout which our Institute and her members should have a significant role.

Support to all our members is important to the Institute and here in South-East Asia that is true for our newest members as well as our more established members. As a regional office we welcome ideas on how to do more of this more effectively and volunteering your expertise is certainly one way to help. And don’t feel this is only a call out to our senior members – I’m sure there are lots of skills and experiences across our member base that we could benefit from hearing.