Interested in hearing from Victims of HMRC training and procedural errors for their Financial Investigators, with regards to the preparation of unchecked and erroneous estimated income.

After over 2 years of complaining to the HMRC to no avail on the 13 November 2017 the IPCC finally found that due to a gap in training for financial investigators at the HMRC relating to the creation of estimated income documents to present at evidence in court there has been training and procedural errors which have led to unchecked financial evidence being presented in HMRC cases at courts.HMRC did not check financial evidence presented in court in my case and only checked it 2 years later because a Forensic Accountant showed they were was over £1.2 million false impression of income and this was due to training and procedural errors within the HMRC.  This meant that £1.5 million income presented in Court was not only wrong but intentionally misleading to Courts.

Although it is good to know as a result of my complaint this should not happen in future, it did happen again to me only a few weeks ago. But what about all those like me who have been convicted by trial, by media, based on HMRC procedural and training errors.

The HMRC are meant to write to me regarding the recommendations within 28 days, I have not received a response and do not expect to receive one either.

The CPS need to be aware about the integrity of evidence provided by HMRC, DWP, Councils and even Government owned banks such as RBS and how such agencies conspire to ensure evidence is not disclosed and how they exploit non disclosure rules.

Government departments and organisations appear to prioritise managing reputation with little regard for the lives of the ordinary people you are the victims of these fundamental failings.