Current Information and Communication Technologies

A Current New Information Communication Tool

            There are various communication and internet tools that have been introduced in the current society. Among the technological applications include the emerging Internet technologies, including the recent wireless protocols that are being used to connect individuals operating various ion departments in an organization.

The Impact of Emerging Internet Technologies on Quality of Care

            The emerging internet technologies have helped improve quality care based on the notion that it has helped facilitate effectiveness of how operations are carried out an organization. The procedure has assisted in ensuring that customer requirements are attained quickly and at the standards that are expected regardless of the resources available in diverse companies (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2012).

The Effect of Emerging Internet Technologies on Education

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The Effect of Emerging Internet Technologies on Nursing Practice

            The nursing practices undertaken in various hospitals across the globe have been ascertained to improve over the years with the implementation of the emerging internet technologies. Nurses can communicate easily, and can also share resources including information from one hospital to the other (Simpson, 2012). The process has facilitated effectiveness in privacy and sharing of data between departments and organizations across the globe.

Barriers to Adoption of Emerging Internet Technologies

            There are diverse barriers to adoption of the emerging internet technologies including the fact that there should be expertise who understand how to use the technological equipment and internet, which can be expensive for some organizations. The other barrier is the notion that some equipment used in the technological practices can only be accessed at higher prices, which becomes a barrier to some institutions (Guarascio-Howard, 2011).

How Adoption of Emerging Internet Technologies Can Be Facilitated

            Adoption of emerging internet technologies can be facilitated in an organization by creating awareness of the significance of the technological application and its impact on various operations undertaken in an organization.