How teach Classroom In 2020

The education system of today era is not only wrecked but also near to be obsolete due to the continuous revolution in the information technology. Out education sector uses an educational model that is mainly designed for the industrial revolution, design to prepare students Essay Help for the factory job.

The picture that all most all classroom face is a wizened professor deliver the long, boring lecture about what he knows to the entire class. After a few weeks, later students will remember the tenth of what they learned. Remember CEOs and executives are hungry for the talent and intelligent young leaders and it would become difficult to produce innovators for the next generation.

In 2020 we all see that classroom is eliminated from the education sector or from learning the place Online Assignments Help. The single and wizened professor will be replaced by the team of trainers who are experts in their own field. Organized lectures will be delivered that based on the real work challenges and aspects rather than setting in the lecture hall for long hours. In 2020 students will work in shared spaces where future doctors, engineers, lawyers, leaders, artist, and journalist learn how to integrate different approaches to solve the critical problem and become the innovative thinking.