Be ready to join the Industrial Revolution 4.0

I recently attended two very contrasting forums. The first, as part of Chartered Accountants Worldwide’s board and CEO meeting in Singapore, focused on the value of audit and the reputational challenges faced in the UK by the Big4. This is a matter that concerns many of our community either directly or indirectly and I couldn’t help but feel (depressingly) that this debate hasn’t really moved on in decades - remember Polly Peck and BCCI?

The second was much more inspiring - an open forum at World Economic Forum ASEAN in Hanoi discussing Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) in front of an engaged audience of around 1000 undergraduates. Much of the discussion was about how digital skills must become like a 6th sense and that it is down to those yet to enter the workforce to make sure the IR4.0 is human centric and inclusive. This is a theme that will be re-visited at World Congress of Accountants ( in Sydney in November (do visit the ICAEW stand if you are there) and is also the subject of much work by our IT faculty and others.

Whilst audit might be our Institute’s historical DNA our vision of a world of strong economies is tied to IR4.0 and those yet to join us.

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