How to Write an Essay if You Don't Want to Write It

There are cases where you do not have the psyche to work on an essay, but you still have to work on it despite how you feel. Well, throughout college, it is not every other day that you will be joyous or excited at the prospect of writing an academic essay. Regardless of how you feel, lecturers, course instructors as well as college professors will continue to give essays to students to write as part of assignments.

Low Unexciting Moments

There are low times when you do not want to do intensive or mind-boggling things. These are the times that you feel that your hands should be free from any form of work - be it academic or business. When you are in this period, and the course instructor or professor assigns a task - an essay to be precise, for students to work on, then you might not entirely be geared up for such an essay.

However, since it is academics and grades that are at stake here, then you should ensure that you write your essay even if you do not feel like one. That may seem complicated, but some steps can help you to write your essay concisely and simply.

Gain an Understanding of the Topic

Before you start working on the essay, go over the topic of your essay so that you can understand it. The topic of your essay gives a lot of information about what your essay should look like, and no matter how detached you are to writing that essay, then you must ensure that you make an effort in understanding the topic of your essay.

Plan Your Essay

After understanding what your essay requires of you, it is time to begin actual work on your essay. Start by planning out your essay. Come up with a blueprint for your essay which will help to guide you as you write your essay.

Depending on the nature of the essay and the requirements of the essay, come up with a structure that will cover the topic comprehensively so that you do not miss out on some aspects.  Even though you have to come up with a comprehensive structure for your essay, it does not mean that you should come up with a long essay. The structure only allows you to craft a way on how to place your content.

Start Writing

Whether you are going to come up with an introduction or not in your structure, it is essential that you get your act together and start filling that page with relevant words. Remember, you are not in the moods of coming up with an essay here. Therefore, ensure that you focus on the writing part. The content matters and this is why you need to start working on your paper right away so that you can avoid wasting more time on that essay.

Insert Citations and References on the Go

Since you do not feel like writing that essay, then the chances are high that you will not be interested in aggregating references after writing the paper. Therefore, you might want to work on your references on the go so that you do not have to do it after you have completed writing your essay. That will help to save your time and help you finish that essay quickly.


Edit Your Work

Since you have been working on your references on the go and writing continually, take your time to proofread the work after completing it. This will help you to spot errors and get rid of them, thus enhancing and refining your work. You can also use online proofreading tools which will equally get the job done.

Use Professional Writing Services

If you think that the process of coming up with your essay even though you are not interested does not sit well with you, then you might want to order your custom essay papers online on There are experts on the web who have been doing this academic writing work for years, and over time, they have amassed the requisite skills that allow them to come up with outstanding work.

You can check out these services online, and they will help you out with your essay even when you are not into coming up with the essay by yourself.

In summary, you can still work on your essay even if you do not feel like writing or working on your essay. As noted earlier, the secret here is to keep writing. Just write. Fill that page with relevant content on the topic, and that way, you will be writing your essay even if your moods do not support the process.