6 Digital Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

Digital marketing has become an important tool which is allowing small businesses to compete. Many of these tools are highly used by digital marketing companies the USA. There is a much lesser advertising budget implemented which allows the business to expand. In 2018; there are some marketing tools which should not be ignored.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Analytics and Insights

The most important go-to source of Google is Google Analytics. This has been a mainstay for years. There is a lot of information and functionality provided through google analytics as people are repeatedly going to analyze how much traffic they gain through their websites. This can further smartly be used to track the conversion paths through optimization.

HACK: It has five specified cookies such as _utma, _utmz, _utmb, _utmx and _utmv. This is what records how much time a user has spent on a particular page and what changes have been made.

GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE – Tracking Organic Search and SEO

This tool is built on the google theme. It keeps complete track and information of the web activities and SEO happening around the globe according to the most recent trends. There is a way of connecting Google Search Console with your Google Analytics so that you can also keep a check of the performance of your own content.

HACK:  If you go to search analysis section, and tick mark the “impressions”, “clicks”, and “positioning” box, you will be able to see your data in many ways by Google.

CANVA – Social Media and Design

Just text is never that appealing unless it is decorated with some graphic designing and pictures. It is one of the most important reasons which has made Instagram such a large platform. Imagery should be up to the mark when you are running a social media or a banner ad campaign. In 2017, there are much better options than Photoshop Pro to create social media ads such as CANVA. If you have not seen it yet, you can instantly check new layouts and templates on Canva right now.

HACK: The one and only, most appealing hack in this digital marketing tool is that it is given free to the users!

SEMRUSH – Research and Search Marketing

If you are curious enough to find out about the competitor's keywords and search ads, SEMRush is the right answer to all your questions! This will give you insights about the keywords which are giving organic better results to your competitors and can be used by you too.

HACK: You can check up to 900+ keywords on SEMRush every week to have complete know-how about the health of your organic website. Big drops or gains will also be revealed through this feature.

BUZZSUMO – Content Research

There is loads of competition in the area of content, so this tool can help you gain complete insight into the creation of content which ends up outperforming the overall content in the market. It will save you a lot of time which you would have spent on entire guesswork and understanding of your business.

HACK: You just have to enter your keyword into the search bar of BuzzSumo and your results will be filtered out based on date, type, language and number of shares.

BRAND24 – Relevant Mentioning Monitor

Brand24 can help in the understanding of content and tracking of content around your given keyword. There are email alerts given by this tool as the results given for your searches. It will also help you to keep an eye on your competitor so that you know what these people are doing with their produced content and how.

HACK: The content can be tracked through websites or mobile apps so that the work becomes easily accessible to you.

These were some of the important tools which cannot be ignored in digital marketing in the current era. They will assist your business in the better promotion and management of your content, design and the reach of your client towards you.