Tips to Master The Art Of Writing

Writing isn’t hard, but writing well is a different story altogether.

Just because you can communicate your thoughts and ideas by putting a few sentences together, or you know the difference between then and than, your and you’re, there and their, in no way means that you can write something that is good.

It’s not easy writing something that has the power to persuade and engage the reader.

It’s not easy, sure --- but it doesn’t have to be difficult either.

Learning how to write is similar to learning how to cook --- there are different steps involved that can be learnt and perfected by simply --- practicing.

Start by acquiring mini-skills. Remember, taking baby steps is the key.

Read like your life depends on it

It is a known fact that a good reader is a creative writer. Don’t just read blogs or articles, expand your horizons discover different material.

By paying attention to different details like the sentence structure, vocabulary and writing style will help you find your voice and develop your writing skills.

The more you read, the more you will understand what to add in your writing and what mistakes to avoid.

Reading is the soul of writers. It helps a lot in developing new ideas and polishing writing skills. Make yourself familiar with different types of published content of writers so that you become skilled to write a poetry, an article or thesis, essays etc.

Practice writing good sentences

Forget about writing long sentences trying to reach the word count. Instead, practice making your sentences short and focus on the message.

Make outlines your friend

Before jumping straight to writing and then staring at the blank screen, not knowing where to start from, make an outline.

Planning what you want to write about and making an outline will take you really far in life. It doesn’t have to be complex simply mention each paragraph will contain and where it will be placed --- that’s more than enough.

Share your work

If you keep your work to yourself because of the fear of being judged, you’ll never learn your strengths and weaknesses. The only way you will improve is by sharing your work and be open to positive as well as negative criticism.