Do you know what a case study is?

A case study is a tool that is used to get information or gather knowledge of a research topic. Case studies are mostly used to get detailed information, mostly in the fields of social sciences, business studies and life sciences.

The main purpose of any case study is to investigate. There are two main kinds of case studies. One is for business studies and the second type is for academics.

Business Case Study

In the case of business studies, case studies serve the purpose of a detailed analysis of a company or group of companies.

When it comes to business studies, a case study is not only used for the analysis or gathering the information. It is also used to develop strategies to resolve any issue.

Academic Case Study

The person who is writing a case study must examine the qualitative performance in research. While carrying out the study, one has to read, examine, investigate and then write a detailed report regarding the entire process and findings.

Academic case studies help students prepare themselves for real-life situations and how to deal with them in their professional life after completing studies.

Stages of writing a Case Study

Do you need some instructions for writing a case study? Here is a guide that will help you write a case study in an effective way.

  • Decide the location, situation and process of how you are going to investigate. What to observe? What to investigate? Who will investigate? For how long, you need to observe? Plan out a clear process of your investigation.

  • Use relevant and clear language in your research plan. The vocabulary and terminologies you use should be relevant to the scenario you are examining. For example, if it’s a firm, use business terminologies in your case study.
  • Use questions relevant to the topic in your case study. The questions will help you collect data. The data used should be relevant to the study. The questions will also help you analyze the data you have collected.
  • The questions should involve the proposal of your case study to take your study into consideration.
  • Decide the units of calculation for your study and analysis. You can use the metric system, analogue or digital system.
  • Just deciding the units of calculation is not enough. You also have to decide how the units will be related to the proposal of your case study.