Expository and Rhetorical Analysis Essays Overview

Expository Essay

When you are writing an expository essay, your writing should only state facts. You cannot give your opinion on the topic and neither should your writing be biased to influence readers towards your point of view.

An expository essay is a simple form of essay. All you have to do is gather facts and figures on your topic and write it down in a proper way used for essay writing.

Another factor to consider while writing an expository essay is that you have to assume your readers don’t know anything regarding the topic.

You have  to mention every single detail no matter how unimportant or little it may seem.


Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A rhetorical analysis essay is an essay where one studies the work of different writers and speakers to understand the effect it has had on their audience. It is usually done on a non-fiction work where the influence of words is explained --- whether the goal was to entertain, inform, or persuade the audience

Rhetorical analysis can also be performed on a speech or even a cartoon and advertisement, or other visual work.

The basic goal of conducting a rhetorical analysis is to figure out what the author’s objective was, the tools and techniques they used, and their effectiveness.

Keep in mind the following questions and answer them in your essay to have an outstanding

rhetorical analysis essay:

  •         Who is the author of the text? Or the speaker?
  •         What is the type and context of the text?
  •         What is the author’s target audience?
  •         What is the main idea that the author has talked about?
  •         What issues are raised by the author?
  •         How is the theme reflected by the author’s words?
  •         The purpose of the work?
  •         Was the message conveyed successfully to the audience?
  •         What methods did the author use to convey his/her message?