How to Use In-text Citations?

A common question that pops in the head of almost every student is - How to write assignments in an authentic manner? (So that, it does not face any disapproval and the grades do not suffer).

Well, if you too have the same concerns, it’s time to leave all of them behind!

Here are the right answer and the right guide for you, that will make sure that your assignment remains authentic.

The answer is - Avoid copying and start using in-text citations.

Often students either forget to give the required credits to the source of information or just work on adding a reference list. The concept of the in-text citation is seldom followed.

Therefore, the tip of the day is:

‘make your assignment authentic by making use of in-text citations’.

In order to apply this simple tip in your assignment writing task here is a guide that will serve the purpose.

But, before that let us understand the three main referencing styles according to which you can apply a particular in-text citation in your document.

APA Referencing Style

APA Referencing Style

Its 6th edition is currently being used. It is mainly used for social sciences references and has both in-text citations and reference list guidelines.

MLA Referencing Style

The 7th version of this reference style is being used currently. It is generally used for in-text citations and reference list for subjects that are oriented towards humanities and liberal arts.

Chicago Referencing Style

The Chicago Manual Style dates back to 1906. The current edition that is being used is 15th. It is particularly used for American English citations. However, unlike the other two citations, here instead of in-text citation, footnote citations are used and the general reference list is there.

Learning to Add in Text Citations

Now that you have basic background information about these three referencing styles, it is time to learn the rules of in-text citation that is unique to each one of it.

APA Referencing Style

Depending on the type of information that is being presented in the text there are two ways of in-text citation in APA referencing:

A. When the information presented is rephrased:

Format: (Author’s last name, year of publication)

Example: (Haybron, 1995)

B. When the information presented is a direct quote:

Format: (Author’s last name, year of publication, page number)

Example: (Brickson, 1768, p.53)

MLA Referencing Style

There are two ways in which you can add an in-text citation in your assignment if you are using MLA referencing style:

A. The author’s name is there in the sentence:

Format: Authors name.. sentence (page number)

Example: Miller’s findings show that..... (189)

B. When the author’s name is not mentioned in the sentence:

Format: (Author, page number)

Example: (Watson, 55)

Chicago Referencing Style

There are two ways through which in-text citation can be done in Chicago style. However, both of these remain in the footnote only and the general rule is that: Number the source in the text and mention the citation in a footnote.

Now, let us learn to add a citation in a footnote in two different styles:

A. Author’s name and publication in a footnote:

Format: Number. Author, title (publication details)

Example: 1. Ellen Perry, Guide to Citation (Washington Press, 2019)

B. Author’s name and page number in a footnote:

Format: (Author’s surname year of publication, page number)

Example: (Pollan 2010, 95-100)

These are the general and crucial rules to keep in mind while writing and mentioning in-text citations in your assignment. This will add authenticity in the document and will fetch you exceptional grades.