Best Economics Assignment Topics: An A-Z List for You

Why think of ordinary when you have a list of amazing A-Z economics assignments topics for you?

Well, you should not want to work on the same cliche economics topics that everyone is working on. It’s time to think out of the box, choose a different topic, and write an interesting assignment on the same. With this list of topics that cover the A-Z of economics, you surely will be able to achieve this goal.

Let the Abcde... of economics begin,

A: Antitrust

It is government policy that is an aid in dealing with the monopoly. These laws aim to stop the abuses of market power by big companies. If you support the idea of global antitrust watchdog, you can choose this topic. Write your assignment on the laws that make sure that monopolists do not exploit the market and consumers.

B: Bounded Rationality

If you want to write an assignment from a consumer point of view rather than focusing on the market and money, you can choose this topic. The basic assumption of this theory is that people do behave rationally but, only within the limits of the information that is available to them. It is also referred as human decision-making theory.

C: Catch Up Effect

This effect identifies that in any given time frame, the economy of countries that start off poor generally grow at a faster rate than the economy of countries that start off rich. You can elaborate on this leap-frog concept.

D: Dumping

It is the act of selling something for less than the cost of producing it, majorly in the trading world. There are three types of dumping- sporadic, persistent, and predatory. There are many debates on this topic, you can write about the side that you support.

E: Elasticity

It is a concept that measures the responsiveness in one variable to changes in another. There are four types of elasticity as identified by economists. You can either focus on all of these elasticities in detail in your assignment or just focus on one and write a detailed description of the same.

F: Flotation- The Act of Going Public

This term defines the process through which shares in a company are sold to the public for the first time through an initial public offering. You can write about various processes, causes, and strategies involved in the same.

G: Golden Rule

Just like there are golden rules of life, there is a golden rule of economics that suggests that a government should borrow only to invest, rather than to finance the current savings. This rule is prudent in nature, therefore you can highlight its future opportunities. Also, try and showcase the implementation of this rule through case studies.

H: Hedge

The one line description of this concept is reducing the risks. There are various contradicting views on this concept. You can highlight both the sides and support one in the conclusion.

I: Invisible Hand

With the topic so unique, your assignment will be the talk of the class. This term was coined by Adam Smith to describe the ability of the free market in order to allocate factors of production, goods, and services to their respective and most valuable uses.

J: J-Curve Theory

With the help of this curve, you will be able to understand the trading system with more efficiency. The assumption of this theory is that- under certain conditions, the trade deficit of a country will initially worsen, after the depreciation of its currency. The shape of this curve is such that it looks similar to J and hence, the name.

K: Kondratieff Wave

If history and economic cycles interests you, no topic will fit the best for you then this 50-year long business cycle that was propounded by a Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratieff. The best source to get a piece of descriptive information about this cycle is the book- The Long Waves in Economic Life, written by Kondratieff in the year 1925.

L: Life-Cycle Hypothesis

This hypothesis explains the human practice of splitting the income between savings and spending. You can broaden this concept and solve this puzzle in your assignment. Plus, you might get something insightful in the process.

M: Modern Portfolio Theory

The world of economy is all about money and market, therefore the alphabet M has a special role in the economy. The theory that best explain both of these concepts is the modern portfolio theory. You can write your assignment on it and elaborate upon the idea that rather than putting all our investment eggs in one basket, combining various financial assets in a portfolio is better and lesser risky.

N: New Growth Theory

If writing on theoretical concepts is your forte, why write on an old hat theory, when you have a new growth theory to write your assignment on. The major argument proposed by this theory is that the real GDP per person will increase depending on the people’s pursuit of profit.

O: Optimal Currency Area

It is also referred as optimal currency region. It is a geographical area where it is assumed that a single currency throughout will help in maximizing welfare. This topic has been in debates for quite a long time, however some countries have been benefited from it. Therefore, you have a lot to write on.

P: Pigou Effect

This effect was proposed long back by Arthur Pigou, as a wealth effect that results from deflation. But the impact of this effect has gained much recognition in the businesses and contributed to increased employment recently. There is a lot you can cover under this topic.

Q: Quota

Trading is a way to increase the nation income and gain an international reputation altogether. But, there is quota imposed by the government as an act of protectionism. Highlight these restrictions and talk about the merits and demerits of the same in your assignment.

R: Regression Analysis

If numbers are your friends, this is the perfect topic for you to work on. It is a mathematical method through which different relationship between various economic variables can be established. You can choose any variable of your choice here.

S: Securitisation

The alphabet that offers the highest number of topics devoted to the field of economics is-S. Therefore, from a lot of topics to choose here, we suggest you work on Securitisation. The aim of this concept is to turn cash-flows of the future into tradable bond, like-securities. But in the way to achieve this aim, lots of processes and risks go in, address all of these concepts in your assignment.

T: Third Way

This topic is really interesting to work on. With the amount of research and different views that are focused on this economical philosophy, you will be able to deliver an impressive assignment to your professor.

U: Unemployment

With the increasing population and decreasing manpower, the instance of unemployment has surged throughout the world. You can write an extensive academic paper on it by covering the statistical data, the underlying causes, the government policies to eradicate it, and various other aspects that revolve around it.

V: Venture Capital

With the growing trend of start-ups and small business coming in play, you can choose the topic that is focused on the finances that investors provide to these business. The concept of venture capital has a path that has to be followed, you can elaborate about it in your assignment.

W: Welfare

There are few topics in the field of economics that begins with W but, how about addressing the positive aspect of economics? You can choose welfare as the topic of your assignment. It is the help given by the government or an organization of a nation to the ones who are in need of it and cannot have it from anywhere else due to lack of money. Now, you can either choose to work on a single aspect of welfare like- welfare to work or you may cover smaller aspects of welfare and compile them together.

X: X-Efficiency

Economics is a vast field, it has a topic that starts from X as well! That is x-efficiency.

It is referred as the degree of efficiency that is maintained by firms and individuals under the conditions of imperfect competition. In other words, it depicts the case where a firm is short of incentives in order to control costs. You can choose to work on a case study or may formulate a hypothetical situation and describe this concept in depth with the help of graphs and diagrams.

Y: Yield

It is used to describe a certain amount that has been earned on security over a particular period of time. A bond yield is referred as interest rate. The two concepts of yield that you should not skip in your assignment are- yield curve (a shorthand for comparing interest rates on government bonds) and yield gap (it is a way of comparing bonds and shares).

Z: Zero-Sum Game

This concept is a part of Game theory, wherein the gains made by the winners is equivalent to the losses suffered by the looser in an economic transition. Generally, these transactions show a sum positive. However, there are some zero-sum mentalities on which you can talk about in details in your assignment like- profit comes at the expenses of wages, higher productivity means fewer jobs, etc.  

Wow, that is a long and unique list of topics for your economics assignment!

Now it is time for you to gear up and start on your assignment writing task before the deadline approaches. Good Luck!

Summary: This article help students choose from the A-Z world of economics to write their economics assignment.  

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