ICAEW members in the Netherlands!

Welcome to my first blog for ICAEW members in the Netherlands. If you are an ICAEW member here and I’ve not yet met you at one of the PAiE (Professional Accountants in Europe) member group events, my name is Stephen Huyton and I am the ICAEW Contact Member in the Netherlands and Chairman of the PAiE NL member group.

As a quick recap, ICAEW in the Netherlands has approximately 170 known members, spread the length and breadth of the country and throughout all sorts of businesses.

Through the PAiE technical days, ICAEW has hitherto been able to offer members high quality continuing professional development. However, there is much more that we can do for members and ICAEW has begun a programme of more direct engagement across Europe. With over 6000 members in the region, the challenge is to make this meaningful to you! In the Netherlands, we are fortunate to live in a small country with a membership that is largely concentrated in a commutable area. This offers us the chance to organise specific events for ICAEW members. My challenge to you: Get involved!

At the next PAiE event on June 18, for which I hope you have had an invite, the last session will feature the second film from ICAEW, Without Question. If you saw the first one, I can assure you this is even better, As an ICAEW member, you are cordially invited to attend the special screening, even if you cannot make the whole day. This will be followed by networking drinks when I hope we can share ideas on what ways ICAEW members might engage more regularly other than through PAiE meetings alone.

If you would like to join only for the screening and the drinks afterwards, then please contact our Group Secretary. The charge for the screening and networking drinks is just €25.

As a heads up, points for discussion over networking include:

  • A possible dinner hosted by the British Ambassador only for ICAEW members combined, ho9pefully, with a visit from the ICAEW President;
  • A CABA day for members including physical and mental wellbeing, soft skills and retirement planning. CABA is a great resource for ICAEW members and their families. See www.caba.org.uk for the wellbeing support they provide;
  • A possible joint event in spring 2020 with the Institute of Chartered Accountants India;
  • How to engage more proactively with ICAEW HQ.

I hope to see you on June 18