Exceeding Word Limit Affects Your Grades? Here’s How to Reduce It

 What’s more horrifying than meeting the assignment deadline is, meeting the word limit...
That's right, it's far more terrible than footnoting. In the very beginning, you wonder, "How can someone get so many thoughts to write an assignment of 1500 words?" but, when you start writing and presenting your thoughts, then suddenly the word limit seems so less.
Isn’t it?
If you're way over the word limit on your assignment writing task, then this is what you can do straightaway to eliminate it…
How to Reduce the Exceeding Word Limit of Assignment?
1.Simplify Your Style
 Remember, here the main goal is to reduce the word count in an assignment. This isn’t a literature contest where you have to showcase your content with creative writing. It is an assignment writing task where you have to let your ideas flow down on paper that too within the word limit. So, for that, the best option is to simplify the writing style. Doing so will make it easier for you to write and for the professor to read.  
2.Reduce the Introductory and Conclusion Section
 No doubt the introduction and conclusion sections are very crucial pieces of assignment writing. However, it is very important to summarize them properly. So, give an extremely simple clarification of your work in the introductory part, and then back-up your thinking for it, in the end.
There's no sense to write these sections in detailed, only use them for outlining and consolidating the write-up.  
3.Replace Phrases with Verbs
 There are certain phrases that have become fixed and is being used in a repeated manner. So, to make your write-up unique and to decrease the word count, you can replace those phrases with words. There is no particular rule for that but, you can find out the words to replace the phrases with a single word and make your document look more simple.
4.Eliminate Unnecessary Information
 Try to eliminate the data that is no useful or written additionally. You can also delete explanatory and descriptive words and replace them with just a word that summarizes it. But, check if the sentence is meaningful or not after eliminating the information.
5.Delete Repetitive Chapter-Linking Sections
 It is a habit of most of the students that after each section, they write a mini-summary to maintain the link between each paragraph. But, it is a complete wastage of words. So, avoid doing such things in your assignment. Try to keep the sections short and concise.  
Rearrange the Content!!!

Assignment writing

And, yes...the last important tip beyond the elimination is, to arrange the whole assignment in a proper manner. This will automatically reduce the content up to some extent.
So, this is all you can do to reduce the words and fetch good-grades in your assignment writing task. Now, just implement it in your writing and wait for the results...
Summary: This write-up focuses on the tricks to eliminate the exceeding word count so that you do not lose your grades.
About the Author: Casey Floyd is an academic writer associated with Global Assignment Help Australia. She is working in this company for many years and has helped a lot of students to complete their assignments effectively. When She gets free time, she loves to give a motivational speech to scholars and encourage them to get success in their career. Apart from this, he also read novels in his free time.