Startup Finances: A Case-Study on Fund-Raising for Your Finance Assignment

One thing that troubles most of us while writing the finance assignment is the case study. And the tougher part to find an interesting topic that not only interests your professor but impresses your peer group too (obviously you need something to flaunt about). Traditional topics may have a lot of information about them on the internet, but it won’t be very impressive. How about putting up the information around the traditional topics after amalgamating them with something new? Wouldn’t that be fun?
Well, the traditional finance topics involve

  • International Finance
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Finance and Stock Market
  • Different Types of Loans

How about talking about fund-raising for a start-up in your finance assignment? Fund-raising is an important part of finance since ages and in the era of start-ups coming up with a better idea would be a hard nut to crack.

Now that we have the idea ready let’s see how to proceed for writing the case study. For this, list down the subheads first that you would need to address.

  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges Faced
  3. Types of Business Loans
  4. Sources of Business Loans
  5. Raising Funds
  6. Conclusion

Now that you have the outline of your case-study ready just move step-by-step and fill in the information.

Relax...I won’t be leaving you midway. Read further to see how to prepare an impressive finance assignment around the topic and outshine the peers.

Part 1. Introduction

As you may have read in almost all the write-ups that answer how to write an assignment that introduction must be short and crisp. I would advise the same. Write an introduction that talks about

  • Finance as a Subject
  • Fund Raising as an Important Aspect of Finance
  • Need for Fund Raising for Start-ups

Wind up the introduction by clearly stating your idea and the title that you have decided to work on.

Part 2. Challenges Faced

Now that your reader knows that you are about to discuss the fundraising for the start-ups, first let them know the challenges. For this, you need to do a little research and elaborate on the problems that a start-up may face. The challenges could be

  • Planning the Business Model
  • Market Research
  • Competition Study
  • Management of the Start-up
  • Product Credibility
  • Fund-Raising

These are just a few problems, a little deeper research would help you jot down all the major problems that a start-up may face in the conceptualization phase.

After talking about this, narrow down your discussion to just the fund-raising part and move forward with the further subheads.

Part 3. Types of Business Loans

Yes, now you can fill this section with everything your professor taught you in previous lectures. Here talk about each type of loan in details. Include

1. Short-Term Loans

  • Explain the duration of the loan recovery.
  • Why would start-up need a short term loan?
  • Talk about working capital loans and accounts receivable loans.

2. Long-Term Loans

  • Discuss loan maturity term.
  • Explain its importance for the start-ups.
  • Talk about different phases and areas where one needs to have long term loans.

Once you have discussed the types of loans that a start-up can avail the next thing you want to consider is the sources. Yes, where one can get these loans from.

Part 4. Sources of Business Loans

Attending the lectures is helping you a lot actually. For your finance assignment case-study, include different sources of business loan. This was the lecture you were yawning in but have scribbled all the information. Here’s what you need to include in this section.

  • Bank and Credit Unions
  • Personal Loans
  • Non-Profit Lenders
  • Peer-to-Peer Sites]

So, you have got the sources ready, that means you have almost reached the final parts of the work. Now in your finance assignment talk about raising money through different techniques.

Part 5. Raising Money Through Different Methods

Now that you have discussed the sources that would fund the start-up in your case study for personal finance assignment writing, the next important step is utilizing money. Explain this part of the case study by including these sub-heads:

  • Raising Money Through Small Business Loans
    Talk about the 4 C’s of lending here. Also how the money through these loans must be invested to reflect maximum gains. This would be much about anticipations and your opinions.
  • Raising Money Through Grants
    Here talk about how the government aids the start-ups and how they feel engaged with each aspect of these grants. Discuss the amount and the phases that need major investments and how the best out of these grants can be obtained.

Part 6. Conclusion

Wrap up your case study with some interesting figures and recommendations. Also, reflect how these investments and the complete process would face some major roadblocks if not executed properly.

And the Case Study Closes...

Now that you have written the complete case-study, be ready to impress your professor with an interesting aspect in your finance assignment. Boast about your topic and research and share the interesting facts in your peer group and shine like a star.

Happy Learning...Happy Writing...

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