5 Reasons Why Your Accounting Assignment Balance Sheet Is Not Matching

Every accounting student is required to prepare assignments because it helps professors in judging their academic skills in the subject. These assignments need to be completed within a fixed deadline. Students generally find it difficult to complete them on time as it involves preparing and analyzing several financial statements. So to get their task done on time, many students take accounting assignments online help. In those several financial statements, the balance sheet is the most difficult one. It is one of the most complex financial statements and it takes hours for students to prepare it. And if after spending hours the total doesn’t match, then the whole task is required to be analyzed again. Thus, students need to be very focused while preparing a balance sheet. To help them out, we are sharing some reasons which might be unbalancing their balance sheets. It will be better if they know them in advance.  

5 Reasons for an Unbalanced Balance Sheet

1. Data Omission: It is a very common mistake that most accounting students commit. Data omission in any section of your balance sheet will lead to unbalanced data. This error is hard to correct also as no one is aware from where the data is missing. You need to double-check your accounting statement while preparing it to avoid this kind of problem.

2. Wrong Data: Another reason could be any misplaced data or placing of any wrong data in your balance sheet. It could be in the form of incorrect numbers, only entering the debit side or credit side, putting some transaction in the wrong place, etc. Students require a lot of practice to avoid these kinds of problems.

3. Change in Inventory: A very common mistake accounting studentsdo is avoiding or inserting wrong inventory levels. Inventory level keeps changing every month and students are required to take last month’s inventory and subtract this month’s inventory.

4. Calculation Mistake: Abalance sheet is an accounting statement and involves various transactions and thus several calculations to be performed. Any mistake in calculation could lead to an unbalanced balance sheet. To avoid this problem, do all the calculations either with utmost care or use calculator.

5. Dealing in Different Currencies: If you are preparing a balance sheet of some multinational organization,then there will be transactions in other currencies also. You need to take care of this, otherwise at the end, balance sheet total will not match.

These were some common reasons which lead to an unbalanced balance sheet. Take care of all of them as a slight mistake can eat up your hours. If your accounting assignment’s deadline is near and your balance sheet’s total is still not matching, then we would recommend you to take assignment assistance as soon as possible.

Summary: This article contains 5 mistakes which students often commit while preparing their balance sheets. Read and try to avoid them as much as possible.

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